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Salamander Sauces

Salamander Sauce Company is dedicated to creating all-natural sauces of distinction. Salamander sauces have a wonderful depth and complexity of flavor that unfold tantalizingly, always leaving you wanting more.

All of our sauces are handmade locally in small batches using fresh ingredients sourced from small local farms.

Hot Sauces

As an avid heat seeker, I've learned to appreciate the variety of flavors offered by different peppers, and the many ways they can blend with other ingredients.

I've found, however, that in the majority of hot sauces the fire overwhelms the flavor.

It has become my goal to create sauces where the flavors, like the mythical salamander, dance through the fire without being consumed.

Consumption, after all, is your job.

I invite you to judge whether I have succeeded.

Salamander Sauce Store.

8 oz. Salamander Original Hot Sauce


8 oz. Salamander Original Hot Sauce


Origins. The foundation. We wanted to make a hot sauce that was seriously hot but also a serious sauce. So we took red bell pepper, habanero and jalapeno, and blended in carrot, garlic, ginger and cilantro. Smoky and intense, our original hot sauce brings extra fire to any food, but never burns.

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